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In PE, the students participate in a variety of fitness activities, play several modified kinds of games, learn sportsmanship, and participate in Burton's Presidential and National Fitness Program throughout the year. Awards are given out at the end of the year for students who earn Presidential or National status. The criteria to earn these are above and found in the slideshow. 


The students that qualify in the upper grades can participate in the annual District Decathlon. 

Decathlon 2019 at Farmington  High School:

Decathlon Team


Burton has chosen 2 boys and 2 girls from each grade level 4th-6th Grades to participate. They are chosen based on: Physical Fitness Challenge Scores, Ability to Jump rope quickly, perform decathlon activities well, and attitude/self-control. This event was Tuesday May 21st from 9-11:30 AM. Participates missed school at this time.  We wished them the best at their competition. 

Congratulations to these awesome students who represented Burton at the DSD Decathlon. They competed against 15 schools in the central/south part of the district. Our 4th graders got 3rd Place, 5th graders received 2nd Place, and 6th graders brought home 3rd Place. Awesome job!!! And, thank you Mrs. Nelson for coaching all students at Burton in leading a healthy lifestyle and for preparing these students for competition.

Click on the link below to view pictures of the students that participated in the Decathlon.,1,w0wL5fuIH2MCxVaGBHSioCuaEsljEG6eBAQPH4A-klLO0_YSvFRAC3SSZQGMD_vJjgp5e4DIfeXQxqQNALuX8DVp-JkD26K6bmUtdHfijsUtYEXC&typo=1