Meet The Masters Program

What is MTM (Meet the Masters Program)? It is a program that teaches facts about a new Artist and the artistic skills used by that artist.  Each month a new artist is focused on and students create a classroom art project.

A PTO Parent Volunteer will come in to each classroom to teach an art project that goes with the artist the students are currently learning about. There are 7 artists the students learn about throughout the year.

From their collections, each student will choose 3 of the 7 projects to enter in the School Art Gallery Night, typically held in May for parents and students.

As a part of the Gallery Night, we encourage students to participate in a masters of art contest. Students create artwork on their own based on one of the 7 artists introduced throughout the year and use the artist's style/skills and techniques. There are student awards given out for this competition.

Meet the Masters

MTM has a 3-step process to Inspire, Educate and Create.

The inspiration will begin with a multimedia assembly where the students will meet the masters engaging the children with slides, music, games and interactive critical thinking skills. 

After the assembly, back in the classroom for the last 15 min of the hour, the students will follow up with a worksheet to reiterate or educate the art techniques they just learned. This will be done by the teachers. “Learn From” worksheets will be put in the teacher box the day before the assembly.

The last step in MTM is creativity! This will happen the following week after the assembly and will last 1 hour. A volunteer mom will be educated and will be shown the art lesson a head of time by an instructional CD that will teach them according to the students age and art ability. The classroom will be led with a step by step journey through an art project creating masterpieces of their own and becoming masters themselves!