Student Council

Next Year's Student Council 2019-2020:

What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our students as they have come this far. I am truly proud of each and every one of them! I know it is difficult when students don't make it, but I hope this doesn't discourage them from trying out next year at Burton or in junior high. 

Thanks again for all of you!


Megan Burton


Alex Aguirre

Bella Burt

Maci Carlson

Stella Conners

Laurie Dent

Addison Dugdale

Annie Jones

Eva Langeland

Sydney McBride

Gail Nelson

Ella Redd

Pola Wong



Maezee Bierwolf

Ellsie Burton

Steele Hassan

Brockston Morely

Kirra Naylor

Lincoln Porter

Nick Rowe

Trigg Wimmer


Last Year's Student Council:

Welcome student council picture

We have an outstanding student council. The council promotes school spirit, provides opportunities for student leadership, and helps students serve their student body.

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